Technology Selection

Control Room Technology Selection

The overall design of the technology system within a Control Room must minimize the distractions of environmental noise and competing communications while providing an information rich display solution.

By analyzing your environment's data sources, we can create a blueprint for how operators interact with and process all of the information required to perform their work. We will then use this blueprint to create custom overviews containing all of this information in useable layouts. These layouts can be called up on demand, or triggered by events or actions on your network. The result is an easy-to-use, intelligent system that will increase operator efficiency and reduce response time.

Our CRG team will carefully analyze your operating environment to arrive at the best possible solution for all of your audio, video, and related information system needs.

Key Elements:

  • Product comparison and specification
  • Demonstrations
  • Proof of concept and system mock-up
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Schematic drawings
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