Vonage Project

Intermedia/Worldcom Corporate Campus Control Room

Intermedia/Worldcom Headquarters, Tampa, FL

Telecommunications Design and Installation


Intermedia Communications/Worldcom chose our company to design and install systems for their headquarters. Enhancements would be made to not only the new executive boardroom, but also the training centers, VTC rooms and world class network operations center. The challenge was to bring the project to realization within a three-year timeframe.


We provided comprehensive service from proposal to design to installation. The project management team was able to deliver all required technology on time and on budget. The newly installed state-of-the-art, award-winning network operations center now consists of multiple satellite and telephone facilities monitoring systems, and automated through redundant switch and control platforms. All displays are presented upon a unified 19-projection system "video wall," custom built by Barco projection systems. Additionally, the training building now contains eight classrooms with integrated control systems including rear screen projection units, interactive whiteboards, touch screen control, and universal computer interfaces. The executive boardroom consisted of a rear screen projection system, activated through a touch panel control system, with all feeds built into a custom boardroom table with concealed audio/computer inputs.

Equipment Highlights:

Rear projection screen; laptop connections; video/audio teleconferencing system; table-recessed microphones; DVD/VHS playback; voice reinforcement; screen video data display walls; LCD glass viewing wall; multimedia control system; surround sound; light dimming system; DSS satellite receivers

Intermedia/Worldcom Corporate Campus Control Room Intermedia/Worldcom Corporate Campus Control Room Intermedia/Worldcom Corporate Campus Control Room
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