Vonage Project

GSOC Operations Center

Georgia Systems Operations Corporation, Tucker, GA

Utilities Design and Installation


The Georgia System Operation Corporation required an upgrade of its energy control system, including the development of a backup control center to ensure the reliability and efficiency of services. While the upgrade was a major priority, the day-to-day operations were also paramount. During the upgrade process, GSOC continued to serve members in a dependable and efficient manner.


Our company's dedicated Control Room Group designed and incorporated a state-of-the-art video wall, upgrading the system at the Transmission Control Center in Tucker, GA. Working closely with integration partner Barco, our teams modified the current design and reconfigured an existing static map to support a display wall of 12 cubes in a 4x3 array in the Transmission Center. This added the ability to display multiple video and data images. Due to the critical nature of the daily operations of the center, much of the design and programming for the new system was completed offsite. Without disruption to the critical operations, installation of the new system was completed in just five days.

Equipment Highlights:

projection module SXGA; remote power switch; FRO Argus 2; Argus OmniBus; 19" industrial case, UGX Graphic Card digital; 4-channel UXGA; analog Video Card

GSOC Operations Center GSOC Operations Center GSOC Operations Center
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