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Ryder Transportation Management Control Center

Ryder Systems Inc., Ft. Worth, TX

Transportation Design and Installation


Ryder Systems Inc. is a worldwide leader in logistics and transportation management solutions. The Transportation Management Command Center, located in Ft. Worth, TX, is Ryder's centralized facility to integrate all transportation management functions. With over 900 transporation clients, Ryder sought an AV integration that would vastly improve the quality of service that could be offered. In the 42,000-sq. ft. facilities, Ryder required the installation of a command control center with multiple large screens to dynamically display data from a variety of sources. The screens would be viewed by Ryder employees working on the floor of the Command control center who are answering incoming calls from clients. Multiple images from different sources are displayed simultaneously to keep everyone informed of all current transportation activities. Ryder also specified the need for an impressive presentation room that reinforced Ryder's image as a user of advanced technology.


A state-of-the-art, six-screen command center was integrated for this project. To provide maximum visibility to employees on the floor, massive 13' x 17' screens were installed. Six Proxima projectors were ceiling mounted for front projection of the images. A sophisticated switching system was installed to control the numerous sources for projection including computer data, cable and satellite feeds, VCR, and video from cameras located in the facility. The selection of sources is made via AMX touch-screen control panels located in the presentation room and control center. Although sound is not normally used during operations, four sound reinforcement speakers were installed for special presentations.

Equipment Highlights:

Projectors; rear projection screen; speakers; amplifiers; videoconferencing system; control system

Ryder Tranportation Management Control Center Ryder Tranportation Management Control Center Ryder Tranportation Management Control Center
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