Vonage Project

Miami-Dade (SunGuide) Traffic Management Center

Florida Department of Transportation, Miami, FL

Transportation Design and Installation


SunGuide is the statewide name for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)'s Intelligent Transportation Systems, or ITS. Our company was recently selected by FDOT District 6 in conjunction with their efforts to improve operations.

The SunGuide ITS Traffic Management Center (TMC) oversees the operation of the Miami-Dade County Freeway Traffic Management System on a 24/7 basis. This process helps to ensure early detection and accurate verification of incidents and traffic congestion, and to formulate the appropriate response to minimize delay to the motorist. In order to improve the efficiency of operations, our company was tasked with installing electronic message signs, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, detection equipment and voice/data communications with responding agencies.


Our company has been involved in this project from the beginning stages, assisting with the layout and design of the ergonomic workstations to the integration of the large format display wall. The project features a 10' x 31' monitoring display wall, allowing flexible and interactive view of more than 40 video sources inserted off the network simultaneously, amongst other networked information. The design and installtion of the project was particularly complex due to the necessity to accommodate future plans of the District 6 - Florida Department of Transportation.

Miami-Dade (SunGuide) Traffic Management Center
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